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I am thrilled that you are interested in my work.

Unlike buying a completed work of art from my Shop, I create unique paintings in collaboration with you.

The Commission calendar fills up fast since, I only take on 1-2 non-retail Commissions a month.  Under my To The Trade Program, I do give priority to my Interior Designer clients for staging properties, in addition to exclusivity arrangements for retail locations.

Your Commission is a unique piece of art created by me with Acrylic, Oil Pastel, Plaster or Digital mediums.

Looking forward to working with you.

How it Works

A Commissioned Art piece can be requested via the Contact tab.  For purchases and pricing scale, you can use this Drop down menu/pricing.

Reservation Deposit

50% DEPOSIT is required for ALL commissions.  When officially reserving your commission spot, you provide a 50% non-refundable deposit.  The remaining 50% balance can be paid at the time of the painting's completion, or through a payment plan to pay in 2-4 smaller payments.

Ownership of the Artwork

I retain all rights to all artwork I create, including the rights to the image of a sold and commissioned original paintings.  I retain the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork I create unless the collector has also purchase the full or partial rights to the artwork.  Purchase rights are contingent on agreed terms.  The collector or buyer may not reproduce the artwork in any way without written permission.  If the artwork ends up being reproduced in any media (electronic or print), I will request an affirmation and possible small royalty.  When you purchase an original painting you, the collector, have the right to display the artwork in your home, or business or social media page, but the artwork may not be resold or reproduced without my written permission.

If you are a designer or retail location and wish to request a Commission, please apply for The Trade program to enjoy its exclusive benefits.

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