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How to work with us


Shanta has been building her image library to art curators many print possibilities.


The Fine Art prints are best for residential and public areas.  The prints are used for curated projects in hotel suites, corridors, and guest rooms.


We understand that each project is unique thus color corrections and crops are necessary.


Shanta also engages in brand collaborations and specialty product licensing.


Shanta is alway excited to work with existing and new commissioned clients.

With over 10 years experience in creative space, working with Shanta and her studio allows you to effectively collaborate to achieve the best product.

Shanta loves a commissioned project because it allows her to work 1:1 with her clients. She makes sure that the it is a painless and fun process. 


If I am not creating. There is something wrong.

I am constantly finding inspiration from my travels, my conversations with friends and within my beautiful New England home town.  I have been in the creative and inventors space for over twenty years. Yikes that sounds old! Ha!

My Fairfield County, Connecticut studio captures everything I am currently working on, there are sketch books, meeting notes, half drunken tea mugs and sometimes gummy bears. I preserve my studio time each week to play, work on commissions and brainstorm with local retailers. I love creating new work.

I love the interior design and fine art communities and they are my fondest friends. Much of my work comes from the collaborative partnerships with my clients and with other art and design projects. Please keep an eye on my Instagram and blog for more behind the scenes of what’s inspiring and happening in the studio. 

Currently, you can join me over at YouTube for my Paint with Me sessions on Good Company Art Space

working together

Our clients are typically interior designers, art consultants, and private collectors. Working with Shanta Laster is meant to be effortless and fun.  Whether you are interested in purchasing existing studio works, commissioning based on previous works, or designing something new just for you-we would love to talk and hear more about your project.

Contact us.

Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 5.41.20 PM.png


Place yourself in the portrait and enjoy the  persecutive from the colorful lens of a woman. 


Abstract textures with bold and inviting hues for most interiors. Plaster and acrylic are the

main mediums.



A blend of my favorite hues in striking and thought provoking shapes and textures all found in acrylic paint.

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