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The Trade Program

Our Trade Program gives members access to my available art collection, at a special pricing, without any limitations.  

We want to make the process easy for you so you can enjoy the Art, sooner!

The Trade Program


The Trade Program is open to members of the design and retail industry in the U.S.A., U.S. territories, and Canada.







Sign up by submitting your information below.

Once information is submitted and approved and processed on our end, we will send you a confirmation email containing a personal special pricing code* towards any future purchases in the Available Art category.



The code also applies to Commissions.  When scheduling a Commission Trade Program members receive priority scheduling. Exclusive Art Collections require a separate Artist Agreement.



From time to time, I partner with retail locations to promote my artwork at launch events and/or gallery art shows.  If you are interested in showcasing my art in your establishment, please contact me through email.


Once your submission is approved and you receive your special pricing code*, you can begin purchasing. Visit one of our retail event locations or shop online with your special discount code to receive 30% discount credit on Available Art category purchases over $500USD.


When placing orders, the purchaser must be listed on the billing information. If you are purchasing for your client and wish us to provide white glove service, please list the recipients name in the 'Ship To' field.

*Please save this Code, as it is unique to your own Trade Program account.  We will not be able to retrieve this Code for you again after this time. However, if you run into technical difficulties, please email us at and we will assist.

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Want to join our exclusive Trade Program and shop our artwork at special pricing rates starting at 30% off?

Thanks for submitting!
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