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Multi member LLC Operating Agreement


The most common agreement covers all the parties entering into the Agreement, the name of the company and its purpose.  Capital contributions made and handled are considered and what happens when/if a member decides to withdraw from the company. The operation and management of the business including appointment, remobal or manager authories. Quorum voting (in person or proxy). Along with general binding legal provisions such as waiver, applicable law, indemnification, confidentiality, etc. 


The template is useful for any business owner who is forming a corporation with other members.


Note: If we are reviewing an existing Operating Agreement that we did not draft, the fee is $525 plus $150 per hour after the first round of revisions.


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The Contract Hub is not legal advice or a substitute for legal representation. The purchase and use of our templates do not form an attorney-client relationship and does not guarantee a certain outcome. You may modify these forms and wish to have them reviewed by an attorney in your home state.

Operating Agreement Multi-Member LLC

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