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Digital Downloadable version of "The Artist is You: Finding Your Voice" by Shanta Laster

Now Available in PDF Downloadable Format.


The Artist (in Hardcopy) click "The Artist".


I am so proud of this book! It has been a labor of love and with lots of collaboration.


I believe in motivating others and showing them how they do can "do it." Being authentic and hopeful means we can be comfortable with ourselves and make others comfortable. Art involves so much and we each have a voice.


Whether you are a beginner artist or a seasoned artist, this motivational and inspiring read will empower and inspire you. This book is a consideration of when an artist asks themselves how do they get started, what is their brand and how to cope with a creative slump.


By the end of the book, I am sure you will be motivated and inspired to enlist in a project or take a course to increase your skills. I look forward to hearing about all your accomplishments.


Instant PDF Download. 


 ISBN: 978-1-7923-8946-7

[Digital version] The Artist is You: Finding Your Voice by Shanta Laster.

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