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Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Creating these mini landscape and abstract settings....

Enjoyed seeing these beauties come to life. These originals are one of a kind, in Acrylic on canvas with a satin finish.

An Abstract Mini.

The process of creating is both healing and exciting. To dream up of a scene in your mind and see it manifested on paper or canvas is thrilling.

The abstract minis collection stems from a desire to practice my creativity without any pressure. Each abstract starts with an idea (a very loose idea) based on a past experience or a scene I want to experience in the future. Initially, I take the first step with line work and a few markings. Then I may use either pencil and pastels. Then I bring the painting to life with acrylic paint.

I love this series and how it acts as a springboard for where my art is going.

Keep posted to this channel to see more of me stepping out of my comfort zone.

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