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What Travel Does for Me.

There is no surprise I love to Travel. However, I travel not just for the sake of seeing a new destination, but it is to reconnect with good friends and to reconnect with myself.

Turning Down the Noise.

Sometimes I need a certain amount of foreign to turn down the noises in life to reconnect and hear myself. That perfect silence gives me a chance to meditate on the things I am grateful for.

People Energize Me.

I love people and because I can be reserved in nature (not full) just reserved, I tend to feed off the energy of those Inam surrounded by. So I am sooo careful to choose the right audience. Being around positive and loving individuals nourishes me while the opposite drains me if I am surrounded by negativity.

And so while the foreign language that I hear humming through my body’ and the varied cuisines ignite me it is the destination just happens on being the Bonus factor because for me travel is about the people and cultivating those meaningful relationships.

Here why I love to travel….

GOOD COMPANY ART SPACE is the title of my YouTube channel and that is where you can find me sketching, painting and some topical discussions about my work.  What is Art? 

Check out this video where I explain.

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