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An Artist’s Life: Inspiration

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Working on a few paintings for some dear lovely people and I am searching through my sketchbook to draw on some inspiration.

Since returning from the Mediterranean region, I am craving art that showcases ethereal emotions. Being drawn to soft palettes and nostalgic scenes like the ones you see below that I have sketched.

Each morning, I take 10-15 minutes to make a few simple sketches of the mood or scene I wish to see appear on paper. I am itching to paint a few of these lovelies.

Will it be in watercolor or acrylic textures? You guess.


I often pause and stare at a painting that tells a story or that captures a moment in time.

I observe a lot of emotions and physical activity in my daily life and pouring these absorbed feelings onto a canvas helps me to manage but also appreciate humanity.

Familia Bonds.

I love to feature family members or close friendships as these are at the root of my deepest emotions.

Stay tuned for one or more of these sketches evolving into a painting.

All my best.


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