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ART by Shanta x HERs Modern Boutique

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

A collaboration made in heaven, how so?

Well....everyone knows how I love fashion, but good fashion. And I am often spotted shopping or getting my nails done in Ridgefield, CT. So when a perfect opportunity landed in my favor to partner with this fashion haus, I was extremely excited.

What was your artistic approach for this installation?

HERs Modern Boutique speaks for itself. The clothes are the main attraction and I wanted to pair my bold abstract art as a complement rather than an overshadowing. I chose one textured oversize abstract inspired by Izmir, Turkey and one bold stroke colored abstract.

How long will you be showcasing your art there?

I have a six month display period where customers can scan the QR code and link to my website to make purchase before April, 2023.

What funny thing happened to you while on this install?

Well at first it was scary, but I wound up laughing it off. While installing the art on 20ft ceiling, I misjudged my step on the ladder and accidentally fell. My friend was spotting me and managed to help me break my fall along with one of the clothing racks. Next time, two feet and at least one hand always on the ladder.

HERs Modern Boutique

448 Main Street

Ridgefield, CT 06877

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