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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Any artist knows that if they are not doing something creative daily they start to twitch.

How do you keep the momentum while traveling abroad?

There is no stress in setting up a studio on-the-go because simple put a studio is anywhere where your creative thoughts are, a pencil or brush and a surface to create on.


Whenever I am about to take a long trip out of the country I always pack a few key travel items from a creative standpoint. A have either a sketch notebook or loose paper, I pack my oil pastels (only choosing the colors I know I can blend to make proper shades), I pack a pencil and a few self watering water color brushes and paint.


Creating the best ambiance for an art studio on-the-go requires minimal space dependent on the size of the project. Since I do not rely on being able to have my own private space for painting, I keep things compact so that I can set up at a dedicated side table, dining room or corner of the floor of where I am staying. I found while in Turkey, there are several independent art studios where you can rent space for a day or pay for an art work session to use their space to work on the project you want.

If you are an AMEX Platinum member or Priority Pass member via AMEX preferably, you gain access to global airport lounges where you can use the space to sketch and paint in between layovers. One of my favorite airport lounges is in Plaza Premium T2 Heathrow Airport where there are showers and private spaces where you can spread out and work. Ha! This sounds like an #ad. It is in no way an #ad, but use my link for access. This is just how I survive on-the-go and not waste the travel hours.

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