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ART STUDIO TIME: Watercolor Painting

Updated: Apr 28, 2023


Spend an afternoon with me sketching and painting with watercolor. This season I am moved by soft and moody colors within my signature style paintings. Here is a look at the typical day in my studio.

There is no better way than to spend a sunny afternoon with my acrylic paint and watercolor paper.


What is my signature style? I am known for my no-faced ladies that depict nostalgic moments from life's wondrous moments. I deliberately make my ladies without faces because I encourage you as the beholder to immerse yourself within painting.

Do you sense a Mediterranean or Eastern vibe to my original artwork? Your senses do not fail you. I have long enjoyed spending time with these cultures and in a way I identify with them. A story for another day....


Each session starts with a cup of tea. Sunny or moody lighting and a clean canvas. Usually, I see a scene or have a thought and then I know that is what I want to paint. Creating is emotional for me, thus I am passionate about painting the life that I live and breathe.

I am fueled by positive emotions and from my experiences. I am fortunate to be surrounded by the most wonderful women and they infuse me with so much inspiration.

Am I laying around not working in a bucolic environment everyday? No, I cannot say that I am. But in those moments when I am amongst my friends is where I invite you to experience our moments. From my paintings you will see there exists a bit of nurturing, caring, enjoyment and understanding.


Many people find it hard to pin point their passion. Having a passion is to create the memories and feelings then pass it on. What is it that you want to pass on?

Having a lifestyle that allows you to create is natural and it's a craft. Most of you are already creatives and I continue to encourage you to find your creative spark.

How? The Artist is You: Finding Your Voice. I wrote this book specifically for you - to learn and be encouraged to get started. It is all about how you can plan your creative practice and manifested it.

I am so pleased to see the response to my artwork from my clients and all of you who love to see my work.

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