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Draw With Me: P A S T E L S

Stepping out of my comfort zone with pastels again....

Join me through the process of creating "A women with flowers". I think you will like the end process.

I am still working with student grade pastel products and want to work on a few more paintings before I decide to graduate to professional level pastels.

My eyes are bigger than my talent.

I am becoming more and more comfortable with what is involved with using oil pastels and the shading and blending process is coming along better. Finding study projects to utilize the pastels with at the level I am at is a bit challenging. Thus, I say "my eyes are bigger than my talent" because I think I can paint one study then I bite off more than I can chew. A lot of metaphors here (but you feel me).

Keep posted to this channel to see more of me stepping out of my comfort zone.

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