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Go Behind the Scenes - A French Art Installation

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

How did you partner with CHEZ VOUS BISTRO in Stamford, CT?

While installing an art exhibit at a local Danbury, CT establishment, the co-owner Karina of Chez Vous Bistro was dining with a friend and stop and asked, "Are you the Artist behind the work here"? With excitement, I replied, "Yes, I am". Thereafter we had such an engaging conversation and I was invited to organize an art gallery in their French restaurant.

What was your artistic approach for this installation?

Great question. Every art installation is different and every location has its own look and feel. With the provencial style at Chez Vous Bistro, I new that earthy tones paired with bold abstracts would go well with each other.

What is the best way to map out a wall layout?

Pairing the art I have in inventory to match the design aesthetic of the location is a science and an art form. I take into account the mood, the colors, and the clientele. Some spaces call for larger art while others can be clustered to form groupings.

Do you handle the installs all by yourself?

Absolutely not. I am not an island and can no way do this by myself. I have two very very good friends who have good judgment and style aesthetic. They accompany me on every installation and we work together as a team. We do a walk through of the location, then discuss which art shows best and then we hang each art piece (sometimes while having a glass of wine). I could not do it without them!

What are some of the challenges you face?

Following an initial site visit, I may feel pressured to create a specific work of art that translates well with the location. There is always a spontaneous creative spark, and while that is exciting, it can create some pressure to my already heavy work load. Trying to balance it all by not taking on too much and avoid spreading myself thin has always been the goal. If I feel like it is too much, I reevaluate and scale back.


188 Bedford Street

Stamford, CT 06901

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