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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

More often we are not aware how simple and without cost pleasantries we are able to enjoy right in our own neighborhood. Taking my easel and paint outdoors allows me to enjoy creative moments and be present with out the weighing anxieties.

Why I love to paint outdoors?

There is something very grounding to taking the art studio outdoors and painting what you see in front of you.

The Benefits:

It is hard to list them all, but here are some of the benefits I have enjoyed while painting outdoors.

Plein Air delights:

  1. It simulates all my five senses simultaneously

  2. Helps me to be more adaptable and flex when unforeseen interruptions occur

  3. I am less distracted and feel more present in the moment

  4. You feel more at ease and grounded; especially if you are sitting on the grass

  5. I am able to see new locations abroad or even in my own neighborhood.

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