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How do you wind down?

We live in a fast paced world where things are radically changing on a daily basis.

All of us are looking for creative outlets to either distract, motivate or just calm us down.

Stepping out of my comfort zone in an effort not to binge watch my beloved Korean dramas. Are you hooked like me? Anyway as I was saying, I started working with soft oil pastels to reset my mind in the evenings.

This evening activity was a natural option to pick as a wind down. I wanted a new challenge that would allow me to paint the same beloved images on paper without all the set up and fuss of working with acrylic.

I'm certainly finding it's quite relaxing blending the pastels with my fingers to create soft leather like texture. Albeit my fingers and hands get quite messy; it is not as messy as I get with acrylic painting.

One aspect I love out pastels is that they are portable. I am taking a few trips this 2023 season and I would like to bring along my pastels so that I can create along the way.

“Lavender Fields” below was derived from my love of Summers abroad.

Let's see where this new activity takes me. I will be sure to share with you my latest updates.

I am compiling a few tips for myself while I discovery this process. Do you have any great pro tips to share with me? Let me know.

Tips with working with Oil Pastels

- Look for quality products

- Use a paper towel or cloth to blend. At times I use similar colors as a blending agent

- Experiment. Use oil paint and oil pastels together

I found this video helpful.

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