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Quieting Down the Noise

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Often I am asked why did you take up painting?

Simply -- it helps me quiet down the noise around me and sometimes my anxious thoughts.


There are many many things I am grateful for and keep having rich experiences that find their way into the stories I tell through my art. Different places bring different aspects of what you will see me play out in oil pastels versus acrylic paint.

Places that bring me joy.

Sag Harbor, NY

I did not know that Sag Harbor, NY has so much history. I was not acquainted with Sag Harbor, NY as a child instead we were introduced to places like Bermuda and Puerto Rico. However, as a child growing up in Westchester, NY on the Long Island sound I did not know of the unknown world of beauty that lies just across the sound.

As I take the Bridgeport, CT Ferry on a given Summer weekend to Port Jefferson en route to the North Fork area to see friends, my breathe is always taken away that the beaches on the other side of the sound were always in my sight yet I have never ventured there. This is no fault of my parents who raised me well, it was just the lack of access and social availability to that part of New York.

Did you know that Sag Harbor, NY was one of the three main places where only blacks could go take summer vacations and purchase land without any segregation issues in the 1930s? One of my friends, Doe-Ann Powell an artist in her own right has lived in Sag Harbor, NY for over 50 years and has seen it develop as the town you see it today. The town of Sag Harbor is home to celebrities like Billy Joel along with artists and professional career individuals. I have met wonderful people like Karen Clement and her husband are such gracious hostof their newly acquired BnB in Hampton Bays. Stay tuned for more on that.

Cape Town, South Africa

The Western cape of South Africa continues to hold a special place with me in my adult life. It is Bermuda that has shaped me as a child, but it is South Africa that has given me wisdom in my adult life.


Bermuda is my "home". It is where I reset and reconnect with myself. There is not one bad memory from the little island out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Ask me about my defining moment in the cove from when I was a child.

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All my best.

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