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Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Warm + Cozy

More days and nights to make great art.

Now that you’ve have your hot cocoa in hand and you made a fire, those of us on North East coast are enjoying some real cozy moments at home. I think I am most productive in the Fall and Winter months? I say I think because sometimes it just varies. I do a lot of sketching (almost daily) and when there is something that begs to be made on canvas -- then I get to it.

GOOD COMPANY ART SPACE is the title of my YouTube channel and that is where you can find me sketching or painting on the spot. I like to pull together compilations for you guys so you can see the work behind the scenes.

Take a look.....

An invitation to my creative art space.

What is Next?

I am constantly exploring. My ideas are never numb.

I do like making room to sculpt paper mâché vessels and so I would say stay tuned to see more designs coming through for that. Now through the month of November, you can use the code: YESPLEASE at checkout for 25% off my new designs. Shop here.

And Company on Bank Street

Yes, I am still at this New Milford, CT location selling original artwork and vessels.

Make sure you stop by to touch and see my vessels and art up close. Let me know when you swing by and I might even meet you there. Here I am in the shop, we have loads and loads of goodies......

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