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Behind the Scenes: AND COMPANY ON BANK

What was your approach to this installation?

Keep it simple is always the goal.

This installation involved two aspects: (1) Art Installation for up to 11 original works; and (2) Display arrangement for hand sculpted Paper Mache vessels from my spärs + minimal collection.

For the spärs + minimal vessel display I wanted to showcase the vessels in a natural lush environment. The vessels are organically made with sustainable materials and I wanted you to feel that same natural vibe when you walked up to the display. Thus, I created a lush green background that flanked the showcased vessels. Since my artwork is a natural extension to my handmade sculptures, I weaved in those original paintings to further enhance each collection.

When Do You Start Planning for Installations?

As soon as possible. We live in a world these days that it is hard to plan and so if I do receive the luxury to play it reduces the stress. Now I do have an active life outside of this art gig, so you realize things need to be prioritized. Everyone who knows me knows I am a highly functional organizer.

What is the approach? I agree on a launch date with the retail or exhibit location, then work backwards from there. I give myself deadlines for two scenarios: (1) Use of art in inventory; and (2) Newly commissioned art. For use of art in inventory, this is a lot less pressure and gives me room to expect three days before the install to complete the exhibit art labels. With that being said, I schedule at least two - three weeks prior to that exhibit tag deadline on what art will actual be used. If this is a newly commissioned scenario, then I schedule in at least one month prior to exhibit tags being created and so forth.

There are many many things that are factored into an installation including payment fee structures. If you need me to create a schedule for you or talk display themes, put me down in your calendar here and we will chat.

How long did it take you to install at AND COMPANY?

The total creative work installation involved arranging upwards of 22 pieces. This a moderate size installation and takes me about 2-3 hours from unpack to finish. But all the hard work is done before I even arrive (see above).

What interesting thing happened to you while installing at AND COMPANY?

As soon as I designed and displayed the front of store window items, an older gentlemen came right up to the window and read every single word of the bio on the "Mornings" painting. Also a few traveling from Massachusetts stopped in and admired the work. Love meeting new people.



36C Bank Street

New Milford, CT

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