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Can one be organized and yet not have a set routine?

I like to start my days quite early.

I am usually up between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m (even on the weekends). I am not one of those spring out of bed risers, so the first thing I do once I pry myself out of bed is drink bedside room temperature water. Now I could do one of these three options (you guess which):

[Option 1] Go for a run. Shower.

[Option 2] Do some reading, make a cup of tea, then shower.

[Option 3] Make a cup of coffee and shower.

You guessed it, I do Option 2 (always). I read my bible in the morning, then meditate on that reading while drinking a cup of hot chocolate or tea. Then I jump in a warm shower, do my make up, hair and pick the outfit based on my mood. I almost rarely drink coffee (been coffee free for four years now). And I normally go for a run or long walk in the afternoons.

How do you make time to paint?

Well, here is the interesting part. I paint or do something creative everyday. I have a private studio in my CT home and when I need a 15 min break from my work day, I head downstairs to the studio and create.

I heard Fridays are your personal 'sabbath'. What do you do those days?

Hahaha. Yes, you heard correctly. I do not work for anyone on Friday and I usually reserve that day to do some personal studying, rest, and some errand runs (like buying paint supplies).

How can I set up a weekly routine schedule?

You can schedule a mentoring session with me and I help creatives get organized and started. Or you can buy the book, The Artist is You: Finding Your Voice for helpful starters.

What is one thing you do during your daily routine, most won't know?

I am currently reading the Bible in chronological order as a personal goal and its been so rewarding. And I go to bed by 9:00/9:30pm every night.

If we wanted to see your Art, where can we find you?

Well, you can find me at Chez Vous Bistro (a French restaurant in Stamford, CT) and at HERs Modern Boutique (a fashion store in Ridgefield, CT). Chez Vous currently has the largest private gallery showing of my work now.

I recommend signing up to my Collector's newsletter for notice about upcoming events.

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