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Summer is still thriving

Can you feel the heat? I am loving how Summer is still blazing here in New England. All this warmth and natural light is motivating me to create more and more.

I have butterflies in my tummy for all the wonderful things I want to do. How have you been keeping busy?

New Project

Hey I am working on a new project that I need your help. Email me here with photos of your own art in your home. If you want to feature the art of someone else in your home just make sure they are okay with me receiving their image and using it later. I'm very excited about this project. Those images selected be on the look out for something fun.


I am not an avid Gardner but I do subscribe to some informative resources that you Napier me to create a nice space for myself in my own home.

Right now I think my garden is showing off. Near the end of the season I am having these incredible blooms. I think with all the rain we received, the garden is quite happy. How does your garden grow?


Being that I did all my traveling in the front half of the 2023 year, I am looking forward to some stay-cations here in Connecticut and New York. Stay close to this channel as I will share my local joy spots with you.

Sports. I cannot say I am an athlete but I do Enjoy attending a game or two throughout the year. Hitting Yankee stadium and enjoying their fine dining experience was a very good stay-cation experience. Will hit up a basketball and football game soon, stay tuned.

Art. Well, duh! I will always be producing new Art.

What are your stay-cation favorites?

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