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Returning to Bermuda as an Artist

Who would have thought that a small fourteen year old girl would set foot on the pink sands of the island of Bermuda and end up returning as an adult to speak amongst peers to sell her original Artwork.

Amazing things can happen and more exceedingly if you allow them to. Delighted to have returned "home" to the island this month of July as the first

featured at Long Story Short in Saint George's.

Long Story Short

A wonderful eclectic boutique bookstore and artisan oasis invited me to their monthly Story Time. This segment was hosted by Kristin the proprietor of the retail location who allows Artist and creatives a platform to talk about their process.

It was lovely to spend time at the event and meet all the lovely attendees. Couldn't have done it without a supportive mom, friend Di, Kristin and the ladies of Long Story Short.

This excerpt explores the advantages of marketing yourself:

Why I would never allow anyone or anything to put me in a dormant creative space?

Simply put, I've been dormant for several years and it didn't feel good. I let others distract me, consume me and then not appreciate me which factored into me squandering precious time to mediate and express myself through creation. I paint from a good peaceful state and now it is guarded and protected at all costs. No one interferes with it.

What do I wish to leave Bermuda with?

If I could make any small impact, it would be that I am that scared little girl too just as you. I do have a voice and a point of view and when it wasn't appreciated, I learned my actions spoke louder than my words. Bermuda is a small island and can go unseen, however it is steep in culture and sophisticated beauty. There is a sense of grace and long stay within its foundation and it has left an eternal impact in my blood. These same strong attributes lie deep within me and I only wish to pass it on the next.

Event Moments


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